Are you starting or developing a career as an animal behaviour counsellor?

Are you offering behaviour advice in your current role as an animal professional?


The goal of the PET academy is to help aspiring animal behaviourists in the growing field of animal behaviour counselling as well as supporting those that offer behaviour advice in their current role.

Suitable for Dog trainers, veterinary surgeons and nurses, animal behaviour graduates and other animal para-professionals

What’s on Offer?

  • Personal training & support
  • A comprehensive education programme 
  • Access to a range of handouts and resources
  • Help with cases and how to design and prepare behaviour modification plans


  • An experienced Registered Clinical Animal Behaviour Counsellor as your personal mentor
  • You’re never alone – help is always at hand
  • A wide range of handouts and resources at your fingertips
  • Professional and business advice

By becoming a member of PET Academy, Caroline will help you to develop your role or start your own business with greater confidence.

Caroline & Millie-1 Opti

Caroline Clark

Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Registered Veterinary Nurse, Instructor
Specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and management of behavioural problems in companion animals (cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits and small mammals). I am Full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and I’m listed with the Association of Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) as a Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist.