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Our affiliate programme is a way for you to receive your own company branded link to our course, so you can advertise and distribute it whilst earning commission from each order.

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  • As an affiliate you can earn 15% commission on all referrals and receive these unique features:
  • A unique link to the course on our website for anyone you refer to purchase.
  • A link to resources to use on your website, social media platforms and for designing promotional materials.
  • A video trailer showcasing the course featuring your logo and website link for you to post wherever you like.
  • An Affiliate account on our website, where you can view commission reports and download .CSV or .PDF files for your accounts.
  • We will treat all students who enroled through your link as our own, providing them will all the support they need from course tutor Caroline and technical administrator Tommy.

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We use Stripe to accept payments on our website, meaning customers can pay securely using credit or debit cards. Once you connect your Stripe account to your Affiliate account you’ll automatically receive your commission after every order. Best of all, we’ll pay any Stripe fees.

To sign up to Stripe visit https://www.stripe.com

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Please fill in this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


If you are deemed suitable for our affiliate programme we will send you a PDF brochure featuring all the information you need to become an Affiliate.

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Registered Veterinary Nurse, Cert.Ed. Full Member of The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. ABTC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviour Counsellor.




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