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A spaniel that is crouching and cowering with an anxious expression on his face, wide pupils which show that he is feeling stressed

Pet Anxiety

According to the 2022 PAW report 23% of dogs are growling, biting, snapping or showing signs of fear and 11%  (1.1 million) are showing signs of stress when left alone. In cats,  44% % of  owners report that their cat is showing signs that may be indicative of stress.  This short article is designed to …

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Image showing rabbit with head tilt

Rabbit Health: E. Cuniculi

Encephalitozoon cuniculi (E. cuniculi) in Rabbits What is E. cuniculi? E.cuniculi is caused by a parasite that primarily affects the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and kidneys of the rabbit. The name of the disease is Encephalitozoonosis. E. cuniculi spores are carried in an infected rabbit’s urine and are then eaten (or less commonly, …

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Elderly dog

Top Tips for Keeping Elderly Dogs Mentally Active

Just like humans, as dog’s age, they benefit from being mentally stimulated.  In a recent study, researchers in Vienna taught elderly dogs to play computer games and found that they can help slow down mental deterioration. The scientists used touch-screen tasks on a computer, combined with rewards, to motivate them to perform. The study compared …

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