Reward Based Training Techniques Seminar with Ian Dunbar

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I spent a fantastic day with the brilliant Ian Dunbar. It was part of his roadshow educating dog trainers & behaviourists on the merits of reward-based training. The whole day was full of useful tips on training and if you haven’t heard him speak do try and see him when he is back in the UK again.

Some of the important take home message for puppy and adult dog owners was:

  • Ensure you socialise your puppy during the critical phase which is by 12 weeks of age.
  • Don’t wait until after they have completed the vaccination programme.
  • Get friends to come to your home. Teach puppy to meet and greet. Only getting a fuss (and a treat) if they are sitting down sensibly. Take sensible precautions such as visitors remove their shoes. Wash hands thoroughly before touching puppy.
  • Lures are an important part of helping to inform your dog what you want.
  • Use very clear verbal ques but teach the puppy what they mean. They don’t understand English!

A good book for new puppy owners is “After you get your puppy…the clock is ticking”

[amazon_link asins=’1888047011,1577314557′ template=’PET-Grid’ store=’petuk-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’7b0b0ec9-bd22-11e8-be47-b7cb16c256d5′]

ISBN 9781888047011

He has a number of other great books and DVDs so check him out.

The event was hosted by www.dog-and-bone.co.uk  They organise a number of events up and down the country so check them out.

If you want to discuss any behaviour or training problems you are having with your puppy or adult dog contact me

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