Spotlight on the Pug Dog

POSTED ON: 12/08/2017
AUTHOR: Caroline Clark

This is the first of a series of short blogs about different dog breeds. Each article looks at some of their traits and first aid situations or health related issues that the breed may be susceptible to.  This article spotlights the Pug Dog.

According to the latest kennel Club Statistics the Pug Dog is now in the top 5 most popular pet breeds in the UK. Their popularity has soared since 2005, helping to fuel a move away from traditional larger breeds to the ‘handbag’ dogs favoured by celebrities.

The Pug has been described as stubborn, affectionate and loyal. They belong to a breed that has a
Brachycephalic shaped skull (squashed face) shown in the picture. This means that they are more prone to respiratory difficulties so they do not do well in hot, humid weather and must be observed carefully for heatstroke. Their prominent eyes are easily injured and care must be taken to keep them moist.

As cute as they are, the Kennel Club warns that the influence of fashion and celebrity status has meant that people are eager to buy a Pug puppy without thinking whether they are getting them from a reputable breeder. Ruthless puppy farmers are cashing in on the trend, charging large amounts of cash for puppies bred from bitches that are kept in appalling conditions. For details of how to chose the right breeder click on this link

Sainsbury’s bank recently carried out some research, revealing that the popularity of a breed relates to where you live. They have launched a new tool on their website that lets visitors find out the most popular dog and cat breeds in their postcode, and whether there are more dogs or cats in your area. You can take a look at it on their Money Matters blog: 

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