Top Tips for Muzzle Training Your Dog

POSTED ON: 20/09/2015
AUTHOR: Caroline Clark

As a veterinary nurse, behaviourist and animal first aider, there have been many times when I have had to use or recommend the use of a muzzle.

Muzzles can be used for a number of reasons including:

  1. To prevent your dog from scavenging when off lead.
  2. For dogs under-going behaviour therapy because of fear aggression towards other dogs and people.
  3. To receive veterinary attention – dogs in pain can bite.
  4. To carry out life threatening first aid – fear and pain can mean your dog will bite you and that won’t help if you are trying to save its life!
  5. Dogs on the Dangerous Dog List have to be muzzled in public places by law.

However it is really important that you train your dog to accept a muzzle as they can be scary if you haven’t taken the time to introduce them properly.

Check out this excellent video that has been produced by the Blue Cross or contact me for a step by step guide.