Behaviour Counselling

I can tackle deep-rooted animal behaviour problems or more recent issues such as:


Aggression • Anxiety and stress • Excessive barking • Separation related problems • Toileting issues • Noise phobias • Control problems


Aggression towards people and other cats • Stress related problems • Toileting Issues


Stress related problems • Aggression toward people • Advice on suitable housing, husbandry and environmental enrichment

& other small pets

Advice on housing and environmental enrichment • Aggression towards other rabbits and owners

What next?

Please take a look at my articles and helpful downloads, as there may be something there that can help you understand or resolve a minor behavioural issue.

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What you need to do…

Before I am able to see you I must have a referral from your veterinary surgeon. You can download referral documents from the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. This is because some medical conditions can cause behaviour problems.


I will ask you to complete a questionnaire. Once I’ve received those documents, I will contact you to let you know whether I am able to see you and your pet. We will then arrange a consultation to take place at my clinic, via Skype/Facetime or in your home.

A consultation usually takes between 2 to 2 and a half hours, during that time I will:

  • take a full history of your animal
  • make an assessment of your animal
  • identify the motivation for the problem
  • give you some immediate advice
  • demonstrate some practical training techniques
  • provide some useful reading material

After Care

I will send you:

  • a detailed action plan to follow
  • details of professionally qualified trainers who can follow a behaviour modification plan (BMP) using appropriate training techniques (if required).
  • two months of follow-up support by telephone or email after the consultation

A Team Effort

I can give you advice about how to help your pet. However, it is crucial that pet owners must have the time and commitment to follow the action plan.

Fees & Insurance

After receiving the documenation I will contact you with further details of my fees, which range from £120 for a telephone consultation to £250 for a home visit (excluding travel).

All my qualifications are recognised by the major pet insurers, although I cannot make a direct claim on your behalf. Contact your insurance company to check whether your policy covers you for behaviour.

Telephone Advice

Although this isn’t a substitute for a full behaviour consultation, it can provide me with an insight into the problems you’re experiencing. I usually spend between an hour and an hour and a half chatting with you and can give you some useful basic advice.

Skype & FaceTime

This is similar to the telephone consultation, although I am able to see the environment your pet is kept in and may be able to assess the behaviour and their body language in real time.

Home Consultations

The home consultation typically lasts two to three hours. During that time I take a very detailed history, provide you with a comprehensive action plan and relevant handouts. Training demonstrations are given where necessary. A overview of the consultation is sent to your referring vet and I provide you with email support for a two month period.

Clinic Consultations

These work in a similar way to the home visit, although there is no travelling fees incurred. Video recordings can be forwarded to me to replace direct observations.

Follow Ups

It may be necessary for me to follow up with another consultation. If this is the case I can provide you with a quotation.


A detailed behaviour modification plan can be prepared for an additional fee. This includes comprehensive notes to include a full explanation of the behaviour, how the behaviour has developed and a detailed step-by-step guide to the training plan.