Caroline Clark: Behaviour Counsellor

Specialising in Feline Behaviour

I can help you help your pet overcome a range of challenging behaviour problems including:

  • Aggression
  • Fear and anxiety related problems
  • House soiling
  • When cats sharing a home don’t get along
  • Compulsive behaviours

My academic qualifications, four decades of veterinary nursing experience, combined with almost two decades of working as a companion animal behaviour counsellor, means I have a wealth of practical and theoretical experience – so please contact me to see how I can help.

Did you know that most pet insurance companies cover behaviour consultations? 

My qualifications are recognised by all major insurers. 

Consultation Packages

Package 1

Shorter Video Consultation


1.5 hours
Fill in the questionnaire
Package 2

Full Video Consultation


2 hours
Fill in the questionnaire
Limited Availability
Package 3

Clinic Visit Consultation


2.5 hours
Requires approval
Limited Availability
Package 4

Consultation at Home


+ additional travel fees
2.5 hours
Requires approval

For complex behaviours, other combinations are available and it may be necessary to arrange further follow-up consultations.  For dogs, training sessions with me and/or support from one of my associate trainers can be arranged. Prices vary depending on time and location but details can be given on request.

Please be aware that changing a well-established behaviour takes time and commitment. I will provide you with my professional help and advice but the success of the programme is dependent on you following my recommendations and, to a certain extent, upon how deep rooted the behaviour problem is.

Package 1

Shorter Consultation

This is primarily for cases where immediate help and advice is required. It involves a video consultation where I give my professional opinion and provide advice based on the information you provide in the questionnaire, anything I see (via video call or/and analysis of recordings) and from the history you and your vet provide.

  • Face-to-face video discussion.
  • Analysis of any recordings sent prior to the session and real-time observations.
  • Liaising with your vet.
  • Review of the discussed behaviour action plan.
  • Suitable training guides/handouts.
  • Follow-up sessions can be booked as and when you need me thereafter at a rate of £65 per hour.
Package 2, 3 & 4

Full Consultation

I will take a full history so that I can clarify what the motivation behind the behaviour is and I will also be able to make observations in real-time, as well as through any additional video footage you can send along (if safe to do so).

I will provide immediate advice and afterwards I will send you some guides and relevant handouts.  I will also prepare a comprehensive report with an action plan containing the treatment strategies. Where necessary, I can also send you video demonstrations of any training techniques that I think might help.

Included in the fees is ongoing support, follow-up session/s and advice via email correspondence for 6 weeks after the consultation (based on a maximum of 6 emails).

Fear & Anxiety in Dogs

My book looks at understanding, preventing and ultimately treating common behavioural issues found in pet dogs, with the help of real-life case studies and illustrated step-by-step training guides. 

Covering a range of issues, such as fear of noises, reactivity towards other dogs and people, separation anxiety and trips to the vets, this fully illustrated book is suitable for concerned dog owners, anyone working with dogs in a professional capacity or those with a genuine interest in canine behaviour.

Pages: 192
Photos & Diagrams: 150
Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd
ISBN: 9780719841125

Veterinary Referral

I am bound by the APBC to get written permission from your veterinary surgeon before the consultation. This is a simple procedure. I will send you a referral form for them to complete. It’s easier if they scan it in to an email as this saves time or they can just send me an email giving me their permission.

In all cases I provide your veterinary surgeon with an overview of my findings.

Insurance Companies

Did you know that most pet insurance companies cover behaviour consultations? 

Most good pet insurance policies will cover behaviour, so it is worth enquiring with your insurer beforehand, but please note that I cannot make a direct claim on your behalf. My qualifications are recognised by all the leading pet insurers and I am a member of the ABTC & APBC.

What do I need to do?

If you’d like to go ahead please select a package above to begin the process or if you have any questions please contact me.