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Caring for your Rabbit

In the UK, the rabbit is the third most popular pet and, like the dog and cat, make a rewarding companion. Here are a few tips on how to keep your rabbit healthy and happy

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Rabbit Health & Welfare

Being able to recognise disease and pain in your pet is a skill that is important to develop. This short download covers some health disorders that affect the rabbit and how to notice signs of pain

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Aggression in Parrots

There are many reasons your parrot may be showing aggression. This PDF explains the signs and triggers that may help you analyse the behaviour of your parrot

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Teaching a Step Up

The Step up is a command is a good basic training technique. It enables you to retrieve your bird safely but also helps build mutual trust

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Learn to Earn

This is an important part of any training or behaviour modification programme, as it helps to provide a good base for all other training that will follow

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