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Caring for your Rabbit

In the UK, the rabbit is the third most popular pet and, like the dog and cat, make a rewarding companion. Here are a few tips on how to keep your rabbit healthy and happy:


Rabbit Health & Welfare

Being able to recognise disease and pain in your pet is a skill that is important to develop. This short download covers some health disorders that affect the rabbit and how to notice signs of pain.

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Introducing Rabbits Safely

Rabbits are social animals and normally prefer to be with another rabbit, so here are some tips on how to introduce rabbits for the first time.

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Introducing Guinea Pigs for the first time

Guinea Pigs are social animals and normally prefer to be with another Guinea Pig. If your guinea Pig has been kept alone it is important to ensure that the introduction is done sensitively.


Aggression in Parrots

There are many reasons your parrot may be showing aggression. This PDF explains the signs and triggers that may help you analyse the behaviour of your parrot.


Teaching a Step Up

The Step up is a command is a good basic training technique. It enables you to retrieve your bird safely but also helps build mutual trust.


Teaching to Settle

A guide on teaching your dog a settle command, a technique that is useful to change your dog’s mood. Useful for highly reactive dogs.

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What is Clicker Training?

Information on how animals learn to use a clicker and why it is effective, with links to helpful resources.


Learn to Earn

This is an important part of any training or behaviour modification programme, as it helps to provide a good base for all other training that will follow.


Using a House Line

A helpful guide to safely using a house line to train your dog within your home, including helpful steps to follow.


Crate Training

A helpful PDF to crate/confinement training your dog, including the benefits and a simple guide.


Toilet Training

A helpful PDF with advice on toilet training your dog/puppy with things to avoid and a simple training method.


Muzzle Training

A helpful guide, recommendations and a video link to help with Muzzle Training.


Claw Marking

Helpful information on positioning scratching posts for your cat and the materials to use.


Meeting Visitors in the Home

This handout has been designed for dogs that either get very excited when visitors arrive or show fear or anxiety towards them.

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