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Contents include:

What is the definition of first aid?
What is the role of the pet first aider?
Seizures and fits
Bite wounds
Choking/blocked airway
Bee and wasp Stings
Snake bites
Gastric Dilation Volvulus (Bloat)
Fractures and sudden lameness

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Why should you download?

In my many years of working as a veterinary nurse I have seen a number of occasions when owners could have saved their pets lives or promoted their recovery had they known some basic animal first aid.

Whilst there are a number of courses for human first aid there are very few for pets. With this in mind I used my 30 years of veterinary nursing experience and wrote an accredited canine and pet first aid course – available on my website.

However, this First Aid for Pets E-Book is designed as an introduction to the topic and provides some useful tips for dealing with and recognising a number of first aid situations.

Although the book concentrates on the dog, generally the same principles apply to all other mammalian pets. I have made a note where there are any differences.

This E-Book is not designed to replace veterinary treatment.

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