TV appearance about cat behaviour

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Recently I have helped out with a forthcoming programme on cat behaviour for Channel 5.  The documentary is to help educate cat owners understand their cats’ problem behaviours. The aim is to improve the lives of the cats and their owners by explaining and preventing misunderstandings.

A case study on camera

Filming started in February when I was asked to give some advice to a cat owner who was being attacked by her cat. During a brief consultation I identified factors such as:

  • inappropriate predatory behaviour
  • learned and inadvertent negative behaviour associations
  • stress related to living in a multi-cat household

Finishing touches

I am in London next month to do some studio work to finish off the programme. I am very excited if nervous about the finished “article”. Hopefully editing will not affect the context of my input.

When will the programme be on TV?

It should be screened in 2015. The producer will let me know as they know, so watch this space!

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