Feline Behaviour – Why Does My Cat………?

All cats are individuals and have their own personality types. However there are a number of common behaviours that most cats exhibit. Knowing what some of these are and what they mean helps us understand and appreciate them just that bit more. As a feline behaviour counsellor, here are some of the most common questions I get asked: Why does my cat lift his tail upright, in the shape of …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark12 February 2018

Feline Aggression – Causes and Treatment

Aggression is a broad term. In the cat it ranges from hissing and growling right up to a full blown attack. However this description doesn’t tell us anything about what is motivating the cat to show aggression. In most cases cats prefer to avoid conflict but,  if aroused sufficiently,  things can escalate and they can cause some very nasty injuries. Causes of Feline Aggression Fear – This is the most …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark25 January 2018

Avoid Calamities for your Cat this Christmas

Now that the festive season is upon us there will be lots of preparations for Christmas. Whilst this is a happy time for most of us, it can bring about additional stress and potential problems for our feline family members. Here is the lowdown on some of the common hazards along with some hints on how to prevent feline foes during the festive period. Festive Plants Mistletoe contains toxic compounds …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark1 December 2017

Feline Behaviour – 10 Reasons Why Cats Urinate Outside the Litter Tray

As a behaviour counsellor with a special interest in feline behaviour, one of the most common problems I am called about is inappropriate urinating in the house. Here are ten reasons why this might be happening: Aversion to the type of litter used. Sudden changes to the type of litter can put them off using it. Ones that have a very strong scent are often not tolerated. A negative association …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark8 August 2017

Dealing with Fear Aggression

Fear Aggression One of the most common problems I am asked to give seminars on, or help pet owners with, is “aggression”. However this label can be very misleading. Aggression is a response to something in the environment. So the important part of helping the animal is to try and find out what is motivating the behaviour. The most likely cause of aggression is linked to fear. Other causes such …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark26 July 2016

Make Christmas safer and less stressful for your cat

Christmas time can be quite stressful for our feline friends. Cats are creatures of habit and so can get quite anxious during the festive period. There are lots of new smells, changes to the layout of the home and visitors calling. Not only this but there are lots of other potential hazards in and around the home too. Here are some tips to help make Christmas safer and less stressful …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark16 December 2015

Top Tips for preparing your pets for the firework season

Bonfire night is just around the corner and it’s NOW that we should be preparing our pets for the event. As a veterinary nurse and animal behaviourist, I see lots of owners asking for help about a week or a day before bonfire night, which sadly is a bit too late. Here are some top tips for helping prepare them: Start by desensitising your pets to the sound of fireworks …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark3 October 2015

TV appearance about cat behaviour

Recently I have helped out with a forthcoming programme on cat behaviour for Channel 5.  The documentary is to help educate cat owners understand their cats’ problem behaviours. The aim is to improve the lives of the cats and their owners by explaining and preventing misunderstandings. A case study on camera Filming started in February when I was asked to give some advice to a cat owner who was being attacked by her cat. During a …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark26 March 2015

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