Dog First Aid – Adder Bites

Now that it’s spring and the weather is warming up, most of us will be planning some lovely long walks with the dog. Whilst out and about, it’s possible to come across an Adder basking in the sunshine as they emerge from their hibernation dens. But would you know what to do if your dog was bitten by one? The European Adder is the only venomous snake found in Britain. They …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark17 April 2018

Sharing a Healthy Life with Your Dog

Keeping in good shape mentally and physically makes sense for all of us and sharing a healthy life with your dog means that you can live life well together. Obesity is not only a human problem. In fact, according to the Kennel Club, between 30 and 60% of all dogs are over-weight. The RSPCA have also expressed their concerns and cite it as being a real health and welfare issue. …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark26 March 2018

Are Dogs Like Us?

Working as a canine behaviour counsellor means that I often have to help people understand why their dogs react or behave in a particular way. Attributing human emotions can be unhelpful Often misunderstandings arise because owners ascribe human emotions to their dogs and this can be unhelpful. The term for this is anthropomorphism. As an example, the dog that destroys things when left alone can be described by the owner …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark22 February 2018

Top tips for keeping elderly dogs mentally stimulated

Just like humans, as dog’s age, they benefit from being mentally stimulated.  In a recent study, researchers in Vienna taught elderly dogs to play computer games and found that they can help slow down mental deterioration. The scientists used touch-screen tasks on a computer, combined with rewards, to motivate them to perform. The study compared computer games for elderly dogs to elderly people doing Sudoku puzzles and proposed that this …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark10 February 2018

Canine Poisoning – Hazards in Autumn

Now that the days of summer have slipped by we all begin to turn our thoughts to events like Halloween, Bonfire night and preparations for Christmas. There’s lots of activity going on in the kitchen with Christmas fare and warm comforting casseroles being made. Long walks in the countryside with our dogs is also high up on our weekend agendas. So begin aware of seasonal hazards in the home and …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark26 October 2017

Improve your Canine Communication Skills – Top Tips

Observe dogs’ body language: You can watch your own dog in the home, when out on walks and during play sessions. See how they interact with you and the world around them. Observe well socialised dogs interacting together and look at the way they communicate too. Video recordings are useful to pick up on subtle body-language and things that you might have missed. Watch how dogs’ use their senses: The …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark28 September 2017

Lungworm – is your dog at risk?

Lungworm is a potentially fatal disease affecting the dog. Evidence indicates that it continues to spread across the UK.  Read all about this potentially fatal disease and find out why monthly treatment is essential to prevent the devastating effects of this parasite. What is Lungworm? The lungworm (or to give it its proper name: Angiostrongylus vasorum) is a parasite that is capable of causing very serious disease in dogs and, …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark18 September 2017

Spotlight on the Pug Dog

This is the first of a series of short blogs about different dog breeds. Each article looks at some of their traits and first aid situations or health related issues that the breed may be susceptible to.  This article spotlights the Pug Dog. According to the latest kennel Club Statistics the Pug Dog is now in the top 5 most popular pet breeds in the UK. Their popularity has soared …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark12 August 2017

Did You Know That Dogs Can Get Diabetes Too?

This week is Diabetes week but did you know that this disease doesn’t just affect humans? In fact Diabetes Mellitus (to give it its full name) is one of the most common endocrine conditions seen in dogs. The term endocrine relates to glands whose secretions (hormones) flow directly into the blood stream. This is not a definitive guide but provides an overview of Diabetes Mellitus, helping the reader gain a …Read More

Profile PhotoCaroline Clark15 June 2017

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